Tire Pressure Sensor Fault Ford Models

What does it mean when a reading of auto codes says, “Tire Pressure Sensor Fault Ford?” This is a common reading that cannot be found in the owner’s manual has many Ford owners stumped. It’s not time to worry because this is not a very critical fault, and it is probably still fine to drive the car.

Some critical readings, unlike this one, mean that the car should immediately get taken to a mechanic for a remedy. This one is more like a warning, but ignoring it can cause problems in the future for people who rely upon their automatic tire gauges.

Tire Pressure Sensor Fault Ford Models

In fact, it is likely that nothing at all is wrong except the sensor has failed. That means that the car’s owner will have one of two likely problems:

* The dashboard gauge won’t display anything if the tire pressure is low.
* The dashboard gauge might display a tire pressure alert when the tires are properly inflated.

What Causes A Tire Sensor Fault In A Ford?

This is usually also a really easy problem to get fixed. In some cases, it is caused because the sensor battery has gone bad. In other gases, it might just mean that a wire is loose and needs to get adjusted or replaced. Again, this is not a critical problem.

However, it is good for owners to know that the gauge isn’t working, so they can manually check tire inflation the next time they stop for fuel. Even tires that are slightly flat can make cars perform a lot worse, and they also take more fuel to run. It is also better to preserve the tire’s life to always keep them properly inflated at all times. It’s just that the sensor failure is not a safety issue.

What If The Sensor Doesn’t Work With No Fault Showing?

In many cases, their is no fault. But the owner cannot seem to get the alert to turn off even when the tire is inflated exactly right. With some models, the tire must be inflated at one pound over the pressure that the owner’s manual says in order to get the alert to show off.

This seems to be a common problem with tire pressure sensors in other makes of cars too. It’s probably not a good idea to leave the alert on because there is no way to tell if the tires are actually inflated properly. It probably won’t hurt anything to add one more pound of pressure to get the light to go off. The only issue is that it may go back on when the pressure has actually dropped to exactly what it should be.

A Ford Tire Pressure Sensor Fault Is Just A Warning

This is one of the message codes that is not critical. Still, people who rely upon the light on the dashboard to check tire pressure sure probably get it fixed. The other choice is to make a habit of checking tire pressure the old way.


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